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Visit from New Zealand

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Course participant

A New Zealander

Participant's interests

Participant from New Zealand, originally from Chile, had also lived and worked in the USA, and was living temporarily in Germany. The participant indicates that the quality of sausages is not very high in New Zealand. He wanted to try to help and change this after going back there. Just privately first, then potentially as a business. Here's the original message:
"First of all, you might need to know that I have no previous experience making sausages of any kind. My family and I are in Germany temporarily, and I thought I could try to do something totally different from what I normally do (I'm a translator). So, because I am not allowed to work here, I thought I could instead learn something traditional from this country that I can potentially use later in New Zealand when we go back there next year. And the idea of making sausages, for myself or commercially, sounds very appealing to me. As I told you, in Chile you can find very good sausages made in the Spanish and German traditions. Unfortunately, good sausages are hard to find in New Zealand. The normally available ones are very bland and have no texture.
I mentioned Mettenden because I have tried those here, and that's the sort of thing you can find in Chile. But if you know something similar to Mettenden that would be easy for you to make at your premises, that's fine with me. I'm also open to learn how to make other types of sausages that you might think would be useful. Bratwürste perhaps?"

Training contents at the butchery

The training contents included basic aspects of German sausages, especially Bratwurst and raw sausages. Besides that, advice with respect to required machines. The goal was to be able to make the largest variety of products with a minimum investment.


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