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Sausage production for the Premium

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Course participant

Sausage maker from Thailand

Participant's interests

A sausage maker from Thailand was at a trade fair in Germany. He found out about machines and ingredients there. He wanted to learn about production methods and recipes with us.
Up until now, he has produced mainly for the mass market (big quantities at low prices) in Thailand. Now he wanted to step into the Premium segment with "Sausage German Style").

Original question:
"I was looking for a 'Wurstkurs' and found your web site. Now I'm interested in taking part in your course.
I'll be in Germany for an unspecified amount of time at the end of April to go to the Interpak fair in Düsseldorf (8-14 May).
A bit about myself: I'm a board member at a medium-sized company in Thailand with around 400 employees. We produce different meat products, such as sausages, ham, bacon, and different traditional Thai meat items. At the moment we produce predominantly low-cost sausages, en masse. However, we'd like to attempt to step into the Premium segment.
Because we don't have any master butcher (and I'm also very interested), I have decided to do a "mini training" in the art of making meat products.
These are some of the questions, tips and recipes that I'd like to cover:
- How do I make Wiener Wurst (I'd be also interested in the original recipe, beef and pork; given that we don't handle any beef, should the emphasis be on the production of Wieners without beef)?
- How do you make poultry Wieners?
- The texture (meat, firmness, etc.) of our boiled ham leaves a bit to be desired. How can we improve this? It is also possible to change the recipe completely (spices, phosphate, possibly carrageenan), given that our ham doesn't sell particularly well yet.
- Other flavours for boiled sausages, bologna or mortadella would also be interesting.
- How can I save on costs for different meat products without compromising quality?
- How can I improve the products shelf life?

Training contents at the butchery

We covered theory and practice for all the above topics within one week. After that, some emails were exchanged in order to answer some questions issues faced over in Thailand.


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