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Problem with Leberkäse in England solved

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Course participant


Participant's interests

A semi-professional producer of Leberkäse from the UK has quality problems with his products. He does some research on the Internet and finds our advice section online. Because the problem is not so easy to solve, he decides to do a Wurstkurs on the topic of "Leberkäse" and flies from England.
This is the original question:
"first of all, congratulations on your web site and your dedication!
I have a question on how to make Fleischkäse. I live in southern England and plan to go for the first time to a local Christmas market as hobby cook. There's going to be a little "Bavarian village" there this year.
And of course you need Fleischkäse/Leberkäse there. Now, my problem is that I can't make it consistently. My first attempt was a nightmare; with the available nitrite curing salt and phosphate, the second result was a dream: the taste, the colour and texture were perfect and I was happy. Then two days later, done "exactly" the same way, and the colour development clearly didn't work. Then I read the production instructions, which in part contradict each other. The next result was swimming in water after being baked, and the texture was impossible. I'm getting desperate. Do you have any guidelines for production? Or should I book a 3 hour course with you? I could easily come from London to Nuremberg. Everything should happen before December, so I have enough time to practice".

Training contents at the butchery

We offered him a short, intensive and very effective training session:
After his arrival on a Thursday evening, we discussed the theory about Leberkäse production, and we prepared the meat. Then early on Friday we applied what we had learned and made Leberkäse. And after that, he had to go back to the airport...

Feedback from the client

Hello Herr Böbel,
Just to thank you once again for the enjoyable and instructive hours I spent with you. We achieved the objective: my products are now clearly better and more consistent. Unfortunately, your Leberkäse still tastes slightly better than mine, but I'm working on that...


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