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Jumping into direct marketing, yes or no?

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Course participant

A farmer from the Swabia region

Participant's interests

A part-time farmer has a cattle herd back home and is considering to step professionally into direct marketing, as main occupation.
That's why he wanted to know what was needed in terms of know-how and machines in order to produce the different types of sausages.
Original e-mail inquiry:
"What I'd really like to learn is how you can make the complete sausage range, from splitting the pig halves to the finished product. As discussed, it would be interesting to learn about the types of sausages you can get from butchering your animals, potentially making salami, Pfefferbeißer, etc.

Training contents at the butchery

During the week-long training program, we showed the participant how he could start producing sausages with as little as possible financial and machine-related expenses. Also, what possibilities exist for a later expansion.


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