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German Sausages

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Course participant

Owner of a catering business in the USA

Participant's interests

Original e-mail inquiry:
"I started a catering business here in the States in which we offer German specialties.
We currently source our sausages from a farm which works with German recipes. The sausages taste good and sell accordingly. However, I think it's important to produce your own sausages.
That's why I have decided to do a quick course in which I can learn the basics of sausage making. I'm interested in producing Bratwurst , Wiener Würstchen , Bockwurst and Knacker."

Training contents at the butchery

Based on what the participant wanted, we organized a quick 3 day course on how to make the most important German sausages: The main focus was Leberkäse and different types of Bratwurst:
These were some of the types:
Texture: Coarse, medium coarse, fine,
Seasoning: Spicy to mild
Casing: Pork casing, sheep casing, traditional Franconian "Bändeldarm" (including their grilling properties)
Production: Boiled or not boiled before grilling them
Storage and shelf life


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