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Express training

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Course participant

Participant from Canada

Participant's interests

Learning a lot about sausages in the least amount of time. Virtually an express training program.
The participant is from Canada and lives in Taiwan. He has the goal of starting an independent "German sausage production" business there. He had done a course in Canada before. It was mostly about meat (cutting-cuts). Now he wanted to complement this expertise with sausage making. The language to be used in the course was English.
Original message from his German friend:
"I have a Canadian friend who doesn't speak German, but who has a lot of interest in doing a Wurstkurs.
Do you have bilingual trainers, so that could work?"

Training contents at the butchery

He was here for 2 months. We arranged a "butcher apprenticeship in two months" for him. We taught him as much as possible within this time frame.
We followed the first weeks of training on Facebook. See here:




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