Ihr Warenkorb ist leer.

After the Leberkäse comes the Leberwurst

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Course participant

An Italian man who has a small eatery in the Apulia region

Participant's interests

The participant had already in 2012 been here with us and had learned how to make Leberkäse. He uses this knowledge successfully back home.
Now he wanted to improve this product and to minimize the occasional flaws in it.
He also wanted to include sausage spreads (Mettwurst and finely ground Leberwurst) in his product range. These products are hard to find in Apulia.

Training contents at the butchery

During the day course, we made Leberkäse first, and we also discussed the possible causes of some flaws. The aspects of theory and practice for making Kalbsleberwurst and Mettwurst were then covered.


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