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A colleague from Romania seeks further development

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Course participant

Owner of a butcher's shop in Siebenbürgen
Participant's interests
The owner of a butcher's shop in Siebenbürgen was doing an "inspiration tour" in Germany. That's why he visited us, among others, and found out about our "Wurstkurs".
This is his inquiry by email shortly after that:
"It was very nice to meet you on Friday.
I'd be happy to do a "Wurstkurs" at your premises.

These are the topics I'd be interested in:
Raw and cooked ham production, storage, packaging
Salami and Mettwurst production, or alternatively ageing
Leberkäse and Sülzen."

Training contents at the butchery

We worked out the participant's sausage interests in a one-week course. Besides production, he got a lot of ideas in our store, where he simply sat down for a while and watched us sell our products.
We also gave him other suggestions on how he can further develop his butcher's shop back home.
Besides recipes and production methods, he's also taken away many suggestions for the online sale of sausage and meat products, although that was not originally part of the plan).

The participant used extensively the feature of "Answer to questions on the training topics also after training".
In addition to the questions on recipes, especially with regards to developing the online store: We helped him, for example to find the appropriate packaging and refrigeration options.


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