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Experience making your own Wurst

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How is Wurst made?

What happens in a butcher shop?

Where can I make my own Wurst?

For answers to these and other questions, please contact the Böbel butcher's Wurst Experience in Franconian Rittersbach.


The typical German sausage. Find out in person how they are made.
Make your own Bratwurst in a small butcher's shop near Nuremberg.

Guided tours of the butcher's

Start off with the guided tour and take a look behind the scenes of a Franconian butcher's.
Learn all about production and allow experienced butcher Claus Böbel to let you into the the secrets of Wurst-making.

Not just watching and eating

The Wurst Experience is more than just a guided tour:
The motto is participation: de-bone the meat, dice it, spice it, fill your Wurst ...
Get stuck in and finish off your Wurst speciality under the guidance of Master Butcher Claus Böbel. You'll see: it's fun, but it's not that easy ...


To finish off, try your own, home-made Wurst in the kitchen. During this informal get-together, you can talk about everything you've learnt and experienced, and round off the day in a relaxed manner. During the tasting, there will be a small quiz about your home-made delicacies, with an original prize for the winner.

Number of participants

Up to 5 people, experience can also be provided in English
From 1 person (in German with English explanation)


€ 96,00 /adult
Tour of butcher's
Meal (drinks are charged extra)
Certificate of participation
Quiz with prize for the winner
Send a culinary greetings card from the Wurst Experience


Available dates can be found here.


> Here you find informations about our Sausage School.


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