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Der Bericht ist in russischer Sprache, die TV-Anfrage welche daraus resultiere ist von einer ukrainischen Journalistin.
Zuerst hat die deutsche Welle einen Bericht übers Bratwursthotel ins russische übersetzt. Daraufhin bekam ich folgende Mail:
"Dear Mr. Böbel!
My name is Z.S. and I am a reporter of Ukrainian national TV-channel "Ukraine". It has the largest audience in our country - more than 20 million spectators.
I would like to express You my respect and kindly ask You for opportunity to make a story on Your perfect hotel BB & BB, which is known as a paradise for the sausage lovers.
After implementation of visa-free regime between Ukraine and European Union, the quantity of Ukrainian tourists here, in Europe have sharply risen up. In particular, they adore Germany. ThatXXXs why I would like to demonstrate our audience Your hotel, which is decorated by the meat products and which offers an interesting entertainment, dealt with sausages. No doubt - when my co-citizens find out about such an interesting place, they will line up in front of the door of the hotel to stay there.
I would be very grateful if You could allow me to come and film the hotel. In particular - the decorated rooms and process of cooking the delicious sausages. Also I kindly ask You for the shirt interview about the con?eption of the hotel.
The filming will take no more than 1 hour. I am based in Brussels, so can come whenever and wherever it would be convenient. Just let me know the date and the time which works the best.
I am looking forward to be hearing from You soon.
Kind regards, Z.S., reporter of TV-channel "Ukraine".



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